The XX century is one of the biggest humane tragedy of entire history of mankind. The XX century's humane tragedy is made by the huge, invisible war  that is made day by day, minute after minute, against life generally and specially of sinless, the purest, immaculate and guiltless humane being: the newborn and unborn little child. The expression of this invisible war becomes a visible "victory" of the evil against the well always, at once every dune abortion. If life is a mystery, a miracle, if life is love and is founded on love and love is, in a Christian sense, Jesus, son of God, than the guilt man together with life's and love's enemy, is gulling Christ with every aborted child.

In deed, Christ is crucified symbolically by abortion, every time when this murder is done. One of the biggest tragedy of this war is, for me, the dramatic end of maternity: maternity that becomes to be profaned, humiliated, martyred. To kill a child in his mother's womb, before his birth, is nothing else then the last degree of human being's degradation, it makes human being under animal's level, under primates. In nature, no wild animal does violate divine low, he is protecting and defending his cubs, sometimes even by his oven life. But man, a rational being, having intelligence and spirit, since he has been born, is killing his children regretless and fearless of what could be the results, without any conscious problem.

In fact, this quotidian reality, has been the real cause to determine me to arrive to the maximal point of being horrified by martyrdom of the birth element. It can't be something so wrong, more horrified than to kill an anger, a human being before his birth, without sin, which has not yet known a living body. Frequently, man is looked only biologically, like an animal, or even fewer.

More than that, the spiritual dimension of man is neglected: 19What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?/ 20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's. (1Corinthias 6, 19-20). Art has a unique aim, to express a message, a saving communication, in order to improve and transform mankind to be better, in the most noble of highest and perpetual human and divine realities. Through the art that I am reflecting, I am specially following, to make people conscious and make notice them about present sin that is exerted by the abortion as a crime, by blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and even God. This abortion punishment is done even here on the earth but on in the eternity too. The aborted children's blood is following there parents al their live, so as Abel's blood did, when Cain had flowing it in the dust. Since the beginning of the world, God has been punishing very hardly those who opposite to His commandments. "Be fruitful, and multiply". When Oman, son of Judah, entered to his wife, Tamara, he had been careful not to procreate, God punished him by death, so what will be the punishment of those parents killing their children by abortion?

In our conscious, must always be present the words of our savior, Jesus Christ, "Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God". (Luke, 18, 6). I am convinced that an art made by dialogue, between the Spirit of God and man, with accomplishing God's will, isn't anymore only an "object", but an object that is determining mankind. God's Spirit is working in it, so art, as divine dialog expression of God and human, has a power to submit to life and love, to serve God in Eternity.

Sculptor Eugen Barzu