Personal record

FIRST NAME: Eugen  Florin
NAME: Barzu
BIRTHDATE: 29.08.1968-Sibiu-Romania
Member  of U.A.P.T./ Artists - Union  of Timisoara / e 1998.
Since 1996 - Employed as assistent specialised in sculpture, at the  Art Faculty from West-University in Timisoara-Romania.
1983-1987: Highschool at Liceul de Arte “Ion Vidu” Timisoara-Romania
1990-1996  National  University of Art “N. Grigorescu”-Bucharest-Romania
specialty:sculpture class of Univ.Prof. Mihai Buculei.
1992 Medicine Faculty-Bucharest, Anatomical studies-anatomical drawing.

1992- Sculpture camping in Calan-Romania - the technic of bronze.

1993 The exhibition of National University of Art’s  students Bucharest-Romania, Gallery “ DALLES”.

1996 - Scholarship in  Italy : Venice, Florence, Rome.

1997 The yearly Art exhibition of Banat region “Pro-Arte” - Art Museum of   Timisoara-Romania.
1998 National   Art  exhibition “ARTS” Museum of Resita Romania.

1998 The biennial  National exhibition of little  “Size” sculpture Arad-

1998 International symposion of monumental sculpture  in white
marbel - Front- Canavese / To / Italy.

1998 The yearly Art exhibition-Timisoara-Romania “Helios” Gallery

1999 Group exhibition “TEN” -Roumanian Cultural Center from

1999 International Symposion of Monumental Sculpture in black
marble of Ormeia- Ormeia -Region of Cuneo -Italy.

1999 International symposion of monumental sculpture in black 
marble of Ormea -Ormea- provincia di Cuneo, Italy

1999 The yearly Art exhibition- “Helios” Gallery Timisoara-Romania

1999 Art exhibition- Art Museum of Timisoara - organized by the Reformate
Center of Timisoara

2000 The biennial Little size Sculpture Exhibition- Arad, Romania

2000 Romanian-French, group exhibition: "Ittinerance"- Espace Bellevile, Paris , France.

2000 Romanian-French, group exhibition: "Ittinerance", "Helios"-art gallery- Timisoara, Romania.

2000- Group exhibition at “Tenta Art” art gallery – Timisoara, Romania

2000- Yearly art exhibition of Banat region – “Helios” gallery- Timisoara, Romania

2001- International Symposium of Figurative Sculpture in marble – Front Canavarese (TO) –Italy

2001 – Sculpture exhibition “Actuality of  Brâncuşi paradigm” , “Triade” Foundation’s Gallery – Timisoara, Romania

2001- Yearly Art Exhibition, Art’s Museum of Timisoara, Romania

2002 – Group Exhibition at “Tenta Art” Gallery – Timisoara, Romania

2002 - Biennal, National Exhibition of Little Size Sculpture - „Delta” Gallery,
Arad, Romania

2002 – „Visual Arts’ „ Exhibition –Arts’ Museum of Timisoara, Romania

2002- Christmas’ Exhibition – „Helios” Gallery, Timusoara, Romania

2003 – Group exhition „Searching the Lost Childhood”, „Triade” Foundation’s Gallery –Timisoara, Romania

2004 – Group exhibition on sbject „Nude„ , „Helios” Art Gallery, Timisoara, Romania

2004 – Biennal National Exhibition of little sculpture, „Delta” Gallery, Arad, Romania 

2004 – Sympozion of oak wood sculpture, Caransebes, Romania.

2005-Group exhibition of Profetional Artists’ Union of Timisoara, Romania, to Budapest, Hungary

2005- - Yearly Art Exhibition, Museum of Banat’s History “Huniade”, Timisoara Romania.

2006- National Symposium of monumental sculpture in wood, Zeicani-Hateg, yearly art gallery, Timisoara.

2007- National Symposium of monumental sculpture, white marble of Ruschita, Dragasani    

2007- International Symposium of monumental sculpture in wood Euro-Sculpt, National Museum Complex Astra, Sibiu.

2008- Exhibition of visual arts Pro-Arte Gallery, Lugoj.


Scholarship and Prizes :
1996 – Scholarship in Italy : Venise, Florence, Rome
2003 – Second prize „JUVENTUS” offered by „Interart Triade Foundation”– togeder with Economic German Club, Timisoara, Romania / Deutschsprachiger Wietsschaftsclub Temeswar/ in the exhibition „Ego – grafies. Looking for the lost childhood.” Timisoara, 2003, June.